1. Girls: Darren Criss has a great body.
    2. Boys: Darren Criss has a great body.
    3. Gays: Darren Criss has a great body.
    4. Lesbians: Darren Criss has a great body.
    5. Asexuals: Darren Criss has a great body.
    6. Bisexuals: Darren Criss has a great body.
    7. Me: Darren Criss has a great body.
    8. You: Darren Criss has a great body.
    9. Rick Santorum: Darren Criss has a great body.
    10. Everyone: Darren Criss has a great body.
    11. Chuck Criss: Darren Criss has a great body.
    12. Darren Criss: My brother is in a band called the Freelance Whales and it's really organic.
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